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Dr. Robert Young -Why We Need Ionized Alkaline Water

Dr Robert Young “Over the last thirty years, I have been studying the impact of the foods we eat and the liquids we drink, on the delicate pH balance of the fluids of the body. These are ideally balanced to be slightly alkaline at 7.365, on a pH scale that goes from 0 to 14. This delicate pH balance is so critical that if it goes too high or too low, we feel the impact in our energy levels. In fact, if your blood pH drops down to approximately 6.9, you could go into cardiac arrest. Your body’s pH level doesn’t have to move much to cause a problem, so the body does everything it can to maintain that delicate balance. One of the most important things that someone can do to begin the process of neutralizing the acids from the foods we eat, is to start changing the water that they’re drinking. The water has to be in an alkaline state, it has to be purified, and it has to be energized. It has to contain the Hydroxyl Ions. I call water saturated with these electrons, electron enriched water. This water has to be void of elements that are going to be acidifying and contribute to more congestion and break down of the body.

“So we need pure water that has to be filtered, and we have to increase its electrical potential. We need to break down the clustering effect which is very simple when we remove the acid, because acid causes the molecules of water to stick together. We can break those down into smaller molecular states so that the water is wetter. We are looking for more bio-available water, water that can permeate the cell membrane.”

Dr Young met with US president and shared about his New Biology and benefits of alkaline diet for diebetes disease. Dr. Robert O. Young, Cancer Researcher & New York Times Best Selling Author of The pH Miracles and other books  read more on his articles

Dr. Don Colbert

Dr. Don Colbert – board-certified and Christian author Dr. Colbert recommends alkaline in his book, 7 Pillars of Health “I have had countless numbers of patients with painful osteoarthritis on many different medications for arthritis. Many have been pain free within a couple of months after adjusting their urine pH to 7.0 to 7.5.  Which is accomplished by consuming adequate amounts of alkaline water and alkaline foods. As a result, many are able to go off of their medications.”   Dr. Don Colbert is a board-certified medical doctor, highly trained in alternative medicine, and Christian author with thirty-six titles totaling over 3.5 million copies sold. He believes in combining alternative and traditional medical practices for optimum results in achieving optimal health.

Dr. Ken Hansraj, Neuro Surgeon and Author of The Secrets of the Spine

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