Packs of 7 bags of broccoli sprouts juice of 4 days. Cultivated with organic line-by-exclusive, squeezed and packed with a highly advanced proprietary technology. Each sachet contains at least 33 ml of juice with SGS isocyanate content of at least 39 mcg; this is considered the perfect dose as the dose recom-ta is 36 mcg per day. There are more than 300 articles published in scientific journals checked out themselves that the information showing that broccoli sprouts contain 4 days On – furofani and isothiocyanates that can have a huge impact on health. This has led to a huge demand for SGS. So the options for the consumer are the following :

  • Cultivating broccoli sprouts , pick them up and eat them immediately after four days (not easy to do every day! )
  • Buy broccoli sprouts at the supermarket.But if you were to happen -ing to find them , they would be well- oldest of the four days and probably on the wrong variety . ( As regards the content of SGS broccoli are not all the same! )
  • Buy gelatin capsules , pills or powder containing extracts or compounds of SGS
  • Eat 2-5 pounds of broccoli per day
  • Choose the juices Vegus
  • Enjoy a serving of broccoli sprouts juice of four days ni Vegus squeezed fresh every time and in every place where you are.

WHO SHOULD DEFINITELY USE THIS PRODUCT: These results were published on May 28, 2002 to the National Academy of Science . Who should consider the use of these supplements ? Every person suffering from cancer or has been affected by cancer in the past, or you qualsia – person waiting for prevention of chemotherapy . All those who fail to consume at least five servings of fruits or vegeta-bles in their daily diet . All those who want to strengthen detoxification. All those who have been diagnosed or are suspected of being infected with Heli- cobacter Pylori . ABSOLUTELY THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT BROCCOLI SPROUTS All shoots are very loads of nutrients and are an excellent way to add substances to food fresh and healthy lives . Most attention has been placed on the broccoli , and especially on broccoli sprouts . In years past has been made a very intense research by scientists at several universities such as London , Tokyo , Los Angeles.

Immagine del cristallo (metodo SAT) del succo di germoglio di broccolo in acqua ionizzata


Ivan Dus MD, PhD, DDS

Micheal Raynolds, VEGUS FOOD LTD


JUICE JUICE WHEAT WHEAT SPROUTS Each pack contains 7 individual dose sachets. Each sachet contains no least 33 ml of juice. For the consumer, this is a package easy to handle and carry anywhere and through any medium. If you consume one packet per day will last a pack a week. WHEAT SPROUTS The shoots of wheat are among the substances most beneficial to our health require-Stono on earth. It is not clear why this is not well known. Regular use of wheat germ increases energy levels, cleanses the skin, prevents colds and coughs, improve energy and many other diseases but. We can not forget some very simple things: 30 ml of wheatgrass juice squeezed and drunk fresh nu trizionale have value equivalent to 1 kg of green leafy vegetables The wheat sprouts contain more than 90 mineral compounds , including a high concentration of alkaline minerals such as magnesium , calcium, potassium and sodium They contain essential enzymes such as proteases ( assisting the digestion of the proteins ) , cytochrome oxidase ( a powerful antioxidant ) , Amylase ( facilitates digestion of starch ) , lipases ( aids in digestion of fats ) , trans- dehydrogenase ( strengthens the muscle heart ) , superoxide dismutase (SOD) (found in all cells of the body and is known for its ability to regulate the level of radiation and slow cellular aging ) A single sachet 33 ml of juice of wheat sprouts , has a value exceeding ‘s nutritional the spinach salad over 50 g . The wheat sprouts have more vitamin C than oranges and twice the vitamin A than carrots The juice wheatgrass helps your body produce red blood cells fundamental to carry oxygen to every single cell . By increasing the oxygenation of the body helps to expel oxidizing substances and pollutants such as smog and carbon monoxide , as well as improve your performance during physical activity It also contains more than 19 amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins –