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La Chanson produces its own all the components of the final products and not simply assembles the components to third parties. La Chanson is the only company in the world that produces ionizers and water filtration systems for the food that has its own research and development center. La Chanson complies with the CE, CSA, ISO, NSF, WQA, RoHS, including patents and its own special quality certification in order to be in compliance with all rules and regulations of the international market. Watch our website chanson-italy.com The Chanson Water was founded 30 years ago in Taiwan as a company of research and development in technologies for filtration and water purification, recording several patents in this area. Armed with this unique experience , 12 years ago, after years of research, has marketed its first ionizer patenting in this field several solutions . Since then research has always continued apace until today, where it is able to offer a range of ionizers and filtration systems with the standards of the highest quality and innovation in the global market . The Chanson Water is not a company that assembles ionizers or filtration systems but produces them ; starting with the research, development , production and assembly , all strictly within a high technology system and certified by the highest standards of quality recognized worldwide . Every single unit is tested Chanson for 24 consecutive hours before being packaged and sold. Precisely because of the high standards of quality, both the materials and the manufacture and testing of the Chanson is proud to offer a guarantee for their products that can not be offered by other brands of ionizers . If someone were to ask us: what can I do to feel good or improve my health …. ? The answer is very simple: start drinking alkaline ionized water. Que-‘m even if you’re feeding with acidic foods, more so it is important to begin entering in your body alkaline water rich in electrons that can neutralize the acidic foods derived from supply, so you can keep as much as possible a alkaline environment vital for the body. The FORSG Ltd is a company that operates in the field of health services since 1987, 25 years of presence on the market, with a focus in their choice of business partners and therefore, to propose in Italy with the water ionizers has chosen the number one in the world: LA CHANSON WATER.