Alkaline water in restaurants

Alkaline water in restaurants

acqua alcalina nella ristorazione


Advantages profile picture :
The use of alkaline ionized devices produced with the highest quality , it is not a fad. The benefits of alkaline ionized already have a history of over 70 years in Japan , Korea and other Asian countries . In Japan and Korea , the ionizer d ‘ alkaline water and is certified as a medical device used in hospitals for 30 years with incredible results. This is to make people understand the value that this water to the well-being of our body. Offer this water tables is the first card that shows your interest in the health of your customers. You will not be remembered only for the quality of your food but also for the attention they devote to the customer and also the environment.

The initial investment is € 1800 including VAT and including filters for 10,000 gallons of water. ( limited time offer for the launch period , which includes the ionizer Chanson MAX ionizer world’s most advanced , the system pre filtration C3 and the magnetic -field unidirectional Ionizer Armor) Since this is a business, consider the amortization of 3 years, which is equivalent to the warranty period for the ionizer installed for commercial use. (The same household has a 5 year warranty + 3) The annual depreciation corresponds to € 570 cost per liter of water the depreciation expense for the first three years is € 0057 Lt. This is for the first 3500 liters of water. Within the same year every other liter of water will cost € 0.02 Lt. After the first three years (ie, over the amortization ) the cost per liter of water will always remain constant at € 0.02 Lt.

Maintenance cost the ionizer :
the maintenance costs are given by the filter changes every 10,000 liters of water produced . This condition is handled automatically by the machine itself on the basis of a counter highlighted on the display .
Note that this cost is for a system with both a magnet unidirectional pre-filter , that the set of pre- filtration with a triple filter , connected upstream of the ionizer , in addition to the internal filter of the ionizer . This system offers the absolute guarantee of having a water -free more than 95% of all toxic substances and pollutants that can be in the water. In addition to this the car needs a cleaning cycle , easy to do by the user once a year, 2 times if in the presence of tap water is very hard . The water is served at the tables on special decanters Y silkscreened hot and custom (which we can supply at moderate prices ) easily washable in the dishwasher.

If we make an assessment of a food also average of only 50 bottles of 1 liter of water per day , at an average cost of € 0.30 , the daily cost of water is € 15 . The average cost of 50 liters of water Chanson is € 1.5 , and then 10 times less. We can say with complete peace of mind that the average savings is more than 10 times that commercial use of water in the bottle. An average restaurant that work on the basis of 290 days per year at an average consumption of 30 bottles of water a day, has to bear a cost of € 2,610 per year, compared to a cost of € 290 using ionized water Chanson . It is therefore easy to understand that even doing a ‘ fairly reduced use of water , the ionizer Chanson you pay a little more than six months. If the use of water is greater than pays for itself even more quickly. What we have described above, is only one of the benefits of using ionizers and Chanson alkaline ionized water .

There are other uses for alkaline ionized water is able to enhance the flavors but especially the healthiness of foods especially fruits and vegetables. In addition to this , the Chanson ionizers produce alkaline ionized water simultaneously , even acidic water . The acidic water has over 500 possible uses, but definitely in a catering environment , offers benefits that no other product can offer: disinfect and clean tables , dishes, work benches , kitchen utensils , disinfect food and much more using a absolutely non-toxic product that can come into contact with food and with your skin, your eyes get you without the slightest damage , in fact it makes your skin much healthier .
Acidic water can be for you also a great marketing vehicle because you can gather in small containers with spray , (which we can supply at moderate prices ) and give it to your customers to use on the skin with results far superior to products which can cost several hundred Euros . The use of the acid water produced by ionizers Chanson allows to eliminate at least 50 % of the products for the cleaning and disinfection , and consequently another big saving on operating costs .

New revenue opportunities:
without financial investment A restaurant is a great marketing vehicle for the promotion of products such as alkaline water ionizer Chanson . Without any commitment on your part, without having to make any investment , you can become promoters themselves Chanson alkaline water ionizers , we can assure you that when one of your customers thanks to you , you can take home an ionizer Chanson , will never cease to be grateful for life .

To you as promoters, the exclusive importer of the products FORSG Srl Chanson Water , will recognize an important commission for each ionizer that will be purchased from one of your customers through your promotion in your restaurant . The rules are simple and it will be our pleasure to inform on how to make this work . Beyond everything , do not forget that for you in the first person , consuming alkaline ionized water Chanson will allow you to really make a real prevention against many diseases , especially chronic ones , to acquire well-being , energy, vitality and slow the effects of aging. If you are interested please contact us for a meeting either telephone or in person, we can assure you that this is the best investment you can make in the first place , for the health of you and your customers , as well as make your business much more exclusive and definitely profitable.

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