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  • PH Consistency: Adjusts the electrolysis amperage automatically to keep alkaline levels consistent.*Assures alkaline water levels*
  • Self-Clean function: the Chanson VS series will briefly flush itself every time you turn it on (3-4 seconds) to prevent you from drinking stagnant water from the tubing. the Chanson Miracle series displays an alert whenever the water ionizer needs a cleaning.*Pro-longs the life of electrodes*
  • Filter Counter: Screen displays how much the remaining water filter life, so it is ensured by always changing your filter on time.*Assures the safety and quality of alkaline drinking water*

auto adjust features of chanson water ionizer

Chanson Water® Ionizers: Installation Steps

These are the steps that you have to follow before installing alkaline water ionizers

  1. Test water quality before installation
  2. Test TDS value of the tap water
  3. Set up water ionizer according to TDS value

Learn more about the Total Dissolved Solids Meter 4TM

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