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What is Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP)?

ORP is the electrical charge needed to reduce or slow down oxidization (decay). Alkaline water must have a negative ORP in order to be considered beneficial to drink. ORP provides the ability to reduce oxgen's ability to oxidize. ORP can be measured through electronic hardware. A negative ORP value (meaning surplus electrons) in ionized alkaline water is evidence of its antioxidant power.

Are the pH and ORP produced by a Chanson Water® Ionizer always the same?

Values and quality of alkaline water will vary from region to region due to differences in source water. In cases where local water has excess minerals, the taste may be affected, or the alkaline water produced may have too high of a pH level. Since water pressure of the faucet affects the production of alkaline water, it is important to confirm that genuine alkaline water is being produced by regularly checking that it is set to the correct pH level, and checking for small bubbles. We recommend testing your source water with a TDS meter when setting up your Chanson Water® Ionizer. The ionizer can be calibrated to work with your TDS providing optimum pH ionized alkaline water.  After the set-up, test the pH of your water with reagent drops provided. It's that quick and simple.

Can I use a water ionizer if my source water is from a well?

The efficiency of electrolysis can drop when well water is used since it tends to hold a lot of free carbon dioxide, and only a small amount of electrolytic minerals. We recommend that if you are using well water, you contact us at (949) 600-7970 with a copy of your well water report so we can make recommendations of specific pre-filters that will greatly improve the taste and performance of your ionized alkaline water.

Can I use a Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizer with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System?

The process of osmosis literally strips the water of ALL minerals, which are the primary key to electrolysis. The solution is to add a remineralization cartridge between your RO system and your Chanson Water® Ionizer.

How should we begin drinking alkaline ionized water?

It is common to begin at a low pH setting (between pH 8.0 and pH 9.0), and gradually increase the amount of intake. After continuing regular intake for about two weeks, gradually adjust the pH level (between pH 9.0 and pH 9.5) and amount of intake based on your bodily needs and physical condition. The alkaline water should be as fresh as possible. For children or seniors, set the pH level at an even lower level upon starting, and gradually increase it as the body adjusts to the current pH level.

Can babies drink alkaline ionized water?Can I make my baby's formula with alkaline ionized water?

In the case of infants (until about a year old), since breast milk or milk is the only thing they consume, the intestinal movement is generally different from adults, and the use of alkaline ionized water is not encouraged until the infant begins to consume more sophisticated foods. In any case, alkaline water should not be used to make powdered milk for infants. Use the purified water (pH 7) setting instead.

Can you become too alkaline?

It is a good question. I will challenge you to become too alkaline! Even if you were to drink nothingbut pH water at 11ph for months, you would not become too alkaline, unless you are also on a strict diet of RAW Greens vegetables and you never get stressed or angry.

The federal guidelines for Tap water is that Tap water be alkaline! That is right; tap water must be over 7 ph.  It is very easy to see how PH your internal body is, go to your local drug or health food store and buy some urine PH test strips, test your first urine of the morning.  If you are under 7 you are acid no matter how much water you drink, if you are over 7 you are alkaline.  If you are at an 8 you are TOO PH.  Good luck hitting the 8 I have never seen or heard of it.

There is a disease called "alkalosis" this is a case where the body is over alkaline, less than 2% of the population is susceptible to this disease.  If you test your urine PH and you do not eat well do not drink ionized water and do not exercise yet your urine PH is an 8 you are in that 2%.

Keep in mind, 80% of the benefits of ionized water is not the pH, it is the ORP or antioxidant power. Myself and hundreds of thousands of users have been drinking nothing but alkaline water for many years- 5 for me- 30 for chanson Taiwan president Mr. Leao.

Soda, beer, coffee, juices as well as almost all of the foods we eat can have PH levels of 5 or lower, one cup of coffee needs 20 glasses of ionized water to neutralize. Getting frustrated or angry floods the body with acids, it is not easy to become alkaline.

You asked for studies, who will pay for this study?  Certainly no drug company will. Alternative products rarely have studies to back them up.  In our case we have hundreds of studies specifically on ionized water and many of them can be seen in our "articles" section. I have not seen the study that is looking only at the PH of the body, there may be one but I am not aware of it.  

Ionized water has some critics out there, but none are calling it dangerous, they only question its potentials, one thing we do have is 30 years of clinical use in both Japan and Korea, never a lawsuit filed or claim of sickness or damage in any way.  Same for USA, but in Japan and Korea there are hundreds of hospitals administering the water. 

One thing we can say for sure is the water is safe and 3 decades has proved that. (8 decades in Russia) 

We personally have a few thousand customers and most drink only the ionized water- we have yet to receive any complaint regarding health for any reason. 

Drink with Confidence!

What is the "Cluster Theory" of Deoxidized Water?

Approximately 15 years ago, with the help of the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) appliance, a theory that water does not exist in single unit molecules was confirmed. Water molecules exist molecular clusters of approximately 13 water molecules. These clusters constantly repeat an aggregation - disaggregation process. The quality of water, and its ability to hydrate, directly depends on the size of its clusters. 

For example, small clusters have active molecules that increase the capacity of water to dissolve elements (solubility), let elements pass through (permeability), and let heat and electric charge pass through (conduction). Electrolysis gives the water molecules similar charge, which causes them to repel each other and break apart. 

Alkaline ionized water has clusters made up of five to six water molecules resulting in a lower molecular weight, and better solubility, permeability, and conduction. Standard tap water contains about 12-15 water molecules per cluster.

Is your water microclustered?

Chanson Ionized Alkaline Water is: Microclustered, Alkaline, Ionized,  Structured, Electrolyzed, Reduced Water, they are all words for the same thing. AND we have the testing report that shows the testing that proves our microclustering. See microcluster report

Is it difficult to install the under-counter water ionizer?

No, but you will need a 1 3/8 to 1 1/2 inch hole in your sink or countertop to install this under-counter ionizer. Either remove a built-in soap dispenser or reverse osmosis faucet, use a hole saw to cut a hole, or hire a plumber for the install.

If you cut the hole yourself, you will need a:

-Diamond hole saw to cut granite
-Carbide grit hole saw for cast iron sinks
-Standard bi-metal hole saw to cut a stainless steel sink
Full installation may take an hour to an hour and a half.

Where will my Chanson Water® Ionizer ship from?

Chanson under counter ionizers shipping to the US are sent from Laguna Hills, CA by UPS or USPS. We do not ship Ionizer's using USPS. We can ship all other products using USPS except the Ionizers. Orders placed on a Friday after shipping time, will not be shipped until Monday.

-US Domestic Shipping 7-14 Days
-Canada Shipping 9-16 Days
-International 12-21 Days

All water ionizers shipped in the USA require adult signature confirmation upon delivery.  Chanson Water® USA, Inc. is NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages. If the post office delivery confirmation shows that your package was delivered, please contact your local post or delivery service. An option to purchase delivery insurance is offered if this is a concern. 

Chanson Water® USA, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of packages, or for delay by customs inspection of international orders.

Will the C3 Advanced Pre-Filtration Work for People who have the ionizer hooked directly to the faucet?

Yes. Just hook the faucet diverter up normally, but instead of plugging the line directly into the ionizer, plug it into the "in" side of the C3 Advanced Pre-Filtration then connect the ionizer to the "out" end of the filter.

Where can I find a certified plumber in my area to install the under-counter water ionizer?

Visit, click on “plumbing,” and enter your zip code. A list of certified plumbers in your area will appear on your screen. You can also go to and type “plumber” and your zip code in the search box, and a list of plumbers in your area will come up.

How much should an install cost?

If you have someone come out, drill the hole, and install it for you, installation should run between $100 and $150.

Can I hook my ionizer up to a spray?

Yes. This adaptor will allow you to connect your diverter to most of the pullout/spray type faucets;not all, but most will work with this. It can be purchased at your local ACE hardware store or online at this link:

ace adaptor to use on ionizer

Model: 4208435
Manf#: A036124B
UPC#: 082901153016
Quantity: 1 Per Unit
Retail Price: $11.87
Regular Price: $10.79
Checkout Price: $9.71
Description: ACE AERATOR ADAPTER 15/16 27 thread Male Blister pack 

Is there another way to connect the ionizer?

We recommend a direct connection to the cold water line as a more functional arrangement where possible. If you have a spray faucet, you can run the line down that same hole and connect it underneath. Or consider the G2 acid faucet.

What is the maximum water pressure my house can have when using a Chanson Water® Ionizer?

Warranty does not cover damage from excessive water pressure. Pressure should not exceed 60 psi. If you are unsure, please have your water pressure checked before installing an ionizer. Call your local plumber for inspection, or for $10 you can purchase a water pressure gauge from your local Home Depot and test it yourself. The water pressure gauge simply screws on any outside hose and will reveal your water pressure when the water is turned on.

What should be done if my water pressure is too high?

Have a plumber adjust the pressure if possible, or have plumber install a new pressure regulator. This should be done whether you have an ionizer or not.

How do I Install the replacement filter?

Please read the instructions for the installation of the replacement prefilters.

Should I ever clean my Chanson Water® Ionizer?

Yes, please read the following information cleaning and maintenance of the Chanson Ionizer.

Acidic Water or Strong Alkaline water to wash fruit?

I have to verify, in Dr. Young's updated pH miracle book (pg 126) he states: Use the oxidized waterfrom your ionizing unit to clean hands, kitchen utensils, fresh vegetables and fruit, cutting boards, and minor wounds. I believe you stated we should NEVER put our food in the acidic water!  The food absorbs it??  That we are to use highly alkaline water to clean vegetables.  Which is correct???  I soak all my veggies in the high alkaline. 

I have huge respect for Dr. Young and follow many of his principles myself. If you were to use acid water to clean veggies for a fear of bacteria then just do a dip in the acid not a soak. After the dip you can go to alkaline for a soak.  Actually I prefer to soak in standard 9.5 PH water, The strong will infuse the vegetable with too much ORP.  We never use anything over 9.5 to treat veggies, we used to use 10.5 until I discovered it was making the fruits have up to a -700 ORP, in nature these fruits or veggies will never be below -100 so 9.5 PH water will still wash and clean them but infuse a much lower ORP, much more natural.

Which spout does the acid water come from?

When using the Vs-70 and selecting the “acidic” setting, the water flow will reverse and mild acid water will come from the main flexible spout.
When selecting the “strong acidic” setting the strong acid water will come only from the drain spout.
In reality it is not necessary to use any “acidic” settings but to use both the Vs-70 and all counter top ionizers this way.
For mild acid water 5-6 pH= use Standard Alkaline (Vs-70) or alkaline #3 (counter top models) and get the mild acid water from the drain spout.
For strong acid water 2.9-3.9 pH = use the Strong alkaline setting (vs-70 and Counter top) then slow the water flow by 50% and get the acid water from the drain spout. (on the Vs-70 the drain spout is the lower spout) 

**During the cleaning cycle the streams of water reverse and acid water is coming from the main flexible spout.

Does the Miracle M.A.X. still need a pre-filter?

Yes, like all Chanson ionizers, the M.A.X. uses the JP6000 filter and we recommend prefiltration for all customers. Ionization causes the water molecule to be smaller, potentially concentrating any contaminates. Prefiltration removes a greater percentage of chorine, chloramines, fluoride, arsenic, heavy metals, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and other contaminates than any brand of ionizers onboard filter can by itself. Buy one to protect your health and always encourage your customers to do so.

Do we need ionizer armor with the Miracle M.A.X. advanced cleaning system?

Yes. Ionizer armor will help protect your drinking glasses from the white build up of calcium.

How do I unlock a Chanson ionizer

If the ionizer is in lock mode for all countertop models, no buttons will function, not the cleaning button or any other button. To unlock the ionizer press and hold the lock button until you hear a beep and the voice will say pH unlocked. Now all buttons will work.
To re-lock the ionizer onto a certain setting just press and hold the lock button on the setting you want with water running until the voice says pH locked. You will also see the word “lock” in the upper right hand corner.
If the ionizer is in lock mode for the VS-70 different buttons and selections will still work but you cannot change pH level. To unlock VS-70 press menu button and if you do not see the word “lock” on the screen then press the plus button until you see lock, then press “ok” you should hear a voice say “ph unlocked”.
To lock the VS-70 onto a certain pH level first turn ionizer on to the level you want it locked to, then press menu button, then press plus button until you see the “lock” option and press “ok”.

Do not forget to read our troubleshooting section for more questions and answers about our products.

Is alkaline water a scam?

Your will find may so called "Alkaline Water Scam" pay-per-click ads on the internet. These alkaline water scam ads and pages are just fake hooks used by certain disreputable water ionizer companies to build on negative curiosity and trick you into going to their site so they can sell you a water ionizer. Alkaline water is not a scam and water ionizers are not scams. 

As a matter of fact, while most people in the United States havent heard of alkaline water or water ionizers, they have been around for a very long time and have a very reputable history of helping people and having many benefits. 

Electrical energy pioneer Michael Faraday invented electrolysis in the 1800s. His devise separated water into hydrogen and oxygen. Later Russia worked to improve the utilization of the technology and by 1966 even the Japanese Health and Rehabilitation Ministry confirmed that alkaline ionized water was beneficial for health improvement and medical use. 

Today over 30 million people in Asia use water ionizers to assist in their good health. The use of alkaline ionized water to support and benefit good health is now becoming widely available to people in North America and Europe. Chanson has been selling and servicing water ionizers for over twenty years in Asia and as of 2011 has been manufacturing them for over 13 years. Now with the assistance of Ronnie and Nedalee Ruiz and Chanson Water USA, they have been able to expand into 7 English and Spanish speaking countries with more joining the water ionizer revolution every year. 

Many medical studies have been done on the use and benefits of water ionizers and alkaline ionized water and clearly prove that alkaline ionized water is nothing close to a scam. We have many of the studies available here on our site for your review. We invite you to read them and then try one of our ionizers for yourself and see why we like to say that Chanson Water is the possibility of a Miracle.

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